USA: Mariposa, CA
Canada: Victoria, BC

Forest Products & Trading

Forest Timberland Acquisitions & Management
BioStewards is evaluating and developing an acquisition strategy for acquiring damaged and distressed timberlands in North America either by way of purchase, lease or long-term management agreements. The company is building a timberland portfolio that employs innovative forest management and supports bioenergy development.
Natural Resources Software Development
Our technical team is working with DRsystems and their globally deployed forestry software Options™. Our current work includes conducting biomass feedstock analyses for due diligence of Biomass projects. Through our collaborative work, we are working to develop better estimating tools for biomass inventories and feedstock costs for the bioenergy sector. These tools will be beneficial to the Carbon markets, and other natural resource decision support options.
Value-Added Forest Products
Our current Giant Sequoia – restoration and salvage project has yielded a high volume of Cants, Slabs and Sequoia dimension lumber that we are selling under the Biostewards brand. Click here to see more of our products and prices. For promotional brochure about the sequoia:

Forest Products Trading & Biomass Development

We are establishing a forest products brokerage service in North America for logs, cants, lumber, and biomass from the USA and BC to the Asia-Pacific Market.

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Ecological Assessment and value mapping platform.

Run base line value calculations to any land area for fractions of the cost, QUDE™ uses a holistic approach to value your land and fund regeneration efforts to protect and assist in efforts to manage and prevent climate events.

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